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    I’m just saying though 💁😜 #SheHULK! Makes sense that my love @kidcheetah send me this! Haha, I ❤️ it! #HalloweenIsAroundTheCorner 🙇
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    "Forgive me
    for the days
    when I am unsure
    whether I am
    dreaming or awake,
    when I use
    sharp words
    to poke holes
    in this love
    we have made,
    just to see
    if it can
    the quake.” 🌋🌀✨ #DellaWilson #BedYoga for Day30 tmw’s #HappyHealthyYogis Probably one of my favorite themes this month. ☺️💞✨ Bed and yoga. Can’t get any better! 🙌 @yogitoes123 @_kariooo @shauna_harrison @yogaracheal and our sponsor @kaitekisandals

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    Day 20 of September’s #SizeDoesn’tMatter Yoga Challenge: Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)

    Want a little more guidance? Click here.

    I recorded a short video of this pose- Check it out on my Youtube Channel.

    It’s not too late to participate in this month’s challenge- you can check out my instagram, youtube, facebook, & blog for videos, photos, and other resources!

    Want To Participate?

    1. Follow me (@mynameisjessamyn), @yoga_davina & our lovely sponsors (@yogiblissbox, @buddha_pants, & @invertyoselfclothing) on Instagram.

    2. Post a pic of yourself in the pose of the day- check @yoga_davina & I for daily pose updates. Tag us & hashtag #sizedoesntmatter.

    3. At the end of the month we’ll select a few of you to receive goodies from our generous sponsors- don’t forget to tag all your pictures w/ #sizedoesntmatter!

    (BTW, if you’re participating via tumblr, just tag your posts #sizedoesntmatter!)

    (You can also subscribe to My Youtube Channel. You know, if you want.)

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    Had the most awesome time! 3 soul sisters on the beach! Maybe next time others will join us for beach yoga!

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    Pigeon Pose Eka Pada Rajakapotasana




    we have to start somewhere.. 3 months from now I won’t be this person anymore

    yes babygirl 🙏

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    Haven’t worked out today? You gotta try this workout! HAMSTRINGS BABY!!


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    Good Morning

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