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    The What’s Underneath Project: Juliana Huxtable.

    TW: Semi-nudity, descriptions of bullying and harassment.

    Artist, DJ, writer, model and activist Juliana Huxtable (who was recently profiled by Dazed) sits down for StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath Project" to candidly and openly talk about aesthetics, style, visibility, insecurities, navigating the world as a gender-mixed black person, and some of the ways the projections of other people’s perceptions of her have affected her throughout her life.

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    me at the gym

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    I like to call this, “Core Work Conversations” I started laughing when Isaiah grabbed his feet like me😆 #proudmom by readysetflow_ http://instagram.com/p/r4mZncPQEp/

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    My crow is slowly improving and I can actually hold it for around ten seconds before face planting.

    Caw caw caw!! 🐦

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    Bow Pose Dandayamana Dhanurasana


    One more day until 120 days…some days I’m super flexible other days I am super tight. Today’s 6:30 am class was a tight day but it’s part of the practice.

    So I’m planning a few #giveaways to celebrate and to encourage you to give #BikramYoga a try more details soon.

    For my South Florida folks I’m thinking we plan to go to my studio together as group date tba.

    About the posture:
    Name- Floor Bow Pose: Dhanurasana

    Purposes and Benefits:

    Works entire spine

    Boosts circulation to heart and lungs

    Improves oxygen intake by opening rib cage; this enables maximum expansion of lungs

    Upgrades functioning of spleen, kidneys, liver, and small and large intestines by massaging abdomen

    Enhances digestion

    Opens shoulder joint

    Helps correct posture

    Develops internal balance and harmony

    Invigorates mental focus and perseverance

    Betters flexibility of deltoid, latissimus, scapula, and trapezius muscles

    Stretches hip flexors and psoas muscleRelieves backaches by invigorating entire spineRevitalizes all spinal nerves by increasing circulation to all of spineStrengthens abdominal muscles, hips, thighs, and upper arms

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    It’s a just a matter of self discipline, hard work and patience.


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    *loses 5 lbs* I don’t see a difference

    *gaines 0.003 lbs* Why did I let myself go

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